Especially at this time of year.

Please … help us keep our Infinite Family growing and thriving.

Infinite Family gives hundreds of kids, with little or no positive role models at home, the life-changing opportunity to interact one-on-one with an adult who cares.  

Over 14 years, we’ve video mentored 650 school kids for up to 10 years each, and technology upskilled over 900 students. It’s made all the difference — to their communication skills and confidence, their educational success, and to the resilience, resourcefulness and responsibility they develop. PLUS most beat the odds and go on to college!

But now we’ve had a setback. Three major SA donors have been forced to withdraw their support, due to their own financial pressures, and we need to replace their funds FAST.

We love our Infinite Family and it deserves to grow and thrive.

You can read why, right here, and, if you love what we do,
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Infinite Family’s video mentoring program, combined with additional activities, workshops and curricula, supports South African teens in building core skills in five areas: education, technology literacy, career preparation, and communication and life skills.