Sample email template to help us Save Our Teens

Thank you for joining Infinite Family’s Save Our Teens crowdfunding campaign!  Below is an email template that you may use (just copy, paste and edit) to begin your outreach with your family and friends.

Please note that anything in brackets [ ] is meant to be personalized by you. If the links are broken when you cut and paste the text, here they are:
Infinite Family website:
Save Our Teens campaign page:

Infinite Family only exists because you and so many others helped us build it and mentor hundreds of South Africa’s teens to school and life success.  Thank you for supporting us again in this important campaign.


Dear [Family or Friend],

I hope that you’re doing well! [Insert relevant/personal anecdote]

I want to tell you about an important organization that is making a life-changing impact in the lives of teens growing up in South Africa’s townships by connecting them with Video Mentors around the world.  Infinite Family is truly changing teen lives by helping them break the cycles of poverty and violence that surround them. Please visit to see how transformational video mentoring truly is.

This purposeful organization makes a real impact: Since 2013, 93% of their mentored 12th grade students have qualified for college or university vs. 58% of their non-mentored peers. With the good jobs they are getting, they will support up to 15 extended family members! But they may be forced to stop because business conditions in South Africa have forced their corporate donors to cut vital funding.

I know you care about fighting poverty [or another important goal] and making a permanent positive impact in the world right now – here is a fast and easy way to do both!

I’ve already raised [amount], but I’m trying to beat my goal of [amount] by [date]!

Even a small donation would help me reach my goal and get us closer to securing the role models and life skills South Africa’s teens need to achieve school and life success.

You can make a donation on my GoFundMe campaign page by clicking here.  Please share my campaign on your social media too!

I hope you will join me in leaving a legacy that helps these resilient and ambitious teens succeed. Thank you very much. Please let me know if you have any questions about my campaign, my goal, or Infinite Family.


[Your name]

Save Our Teens