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– Help us save video mentoring in 2020.

Most children in South Africa aren’t lucky enough to know someone who guides them and teaches them the skills they need to be successful, like the high school friend Trevor Noah says changed his life.

That’s not surprising, given the odds are stacked against them:

> Sixty-five percent are missing one or both parents.

> Two out of three live on less than $3 per day.

> Ninety-six percent have been personally assaulted.

> Two out of every five have endured five or more types of violence.

For 14 years, Infinite Family has been trying to change the equation for South African teens, by pairing them with video mentors who help them get the support and tools they need to transform their own lives.

Since 2006, we have technology upskilled almost 1,000 teens and paired 70% with mentors for face to face, weekly 30-minute video conversations that frequently last up to a decade. During these real-time, personal discussions, isolated teens tap into the vast resources and networks of our mentors, tackling their school work and life beyond high school, including career preparation, tech literacy, life and communication skills, and, of course, improving their proficiency in English. These influential relationships deliver direct, life-changing and enduring impact.

The numbers speak for themselves

Since 2013, 93% of our 12th grade graduates have qualified for college and university compared with 58% of their non-mentored peers. Most are first in their families to go to college or university and start a real career, heading into a world of new opportunities, beyond manual labor or street-stall selling and breaking the cycle of poverty in their family.

Now, our ability to help our children is under threat. Uncertain economic conditions have hit South Africa hard, causing businesses to slash our vital funding. In the last year, three of our biggest sponsors stopped funding altogether when they unexpectedly quit operations or sold their companies.

Today, we need your generous help to keep our computer labs open and continue changing the life of impoverished but promising and resilient South African teens. To continue on mission to change lives in 2020, Infinite Family needs to raise $280,000 by December 31. Your emergency support is crucial to help us fill our unexpected budget gap.

With your help, we can keep going with the more than 33,000 live video mentoring sessions we have held so far, cementing the relationship between our teens and their caring mentors, a relationship that often lasts for a decade or more. That’s important not only for our teens, but for everyone in their life, since statistics in South Africa show that each successful young adult will support as many as 15 family members each.

Watch our video to see why our work makes such a difference in the lives of our teen mentees. Infinite Family is one of the only ways for South African teens to learn the skills they need to beat the stats.

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We thank you.

For more information about our work, please contact Amy Stokes, Founder and CNN Top Ten Hero at:

United States +1 212 400 7446 x11

South Africa +27 011 560 7997 x11