amp up bannerIn 2012, we installed our first single-level LaunchPad video mentoring computer lab in Alexandra township.

Since then, our Net Buddy mentees have exceeded all expectations (especially their own) to earn success in school and obtain a good job. Like Alfred who is starting a budding career as a tour guide, Koketso who helps others learn to manage their finances, Delphina who is in Human Resources, Johannes and Ayanda who both work in financial and insurance services, and Elsina who is an electrical engineer.

None of their journeys are easy – which is what makes them such great role models for all of Alexandra’s teens that follow. With their examples, the ongoing commitment from our local partners, and most importantly YOUR HELP, we can inspire more teens.

Help us raise $48,735 to Amp up Alex.

The first $15,000 will add the second story to make a double-decker LaunchPad video mentoring computer lab. The rest will buy computers, headsets, chairs, and then train, match, and support the next 50 Net Buddy mentees and their 50 Video Mentors. This year we’ll double our Net Buddies, and next year we’ll double them again until we reach our goal.

What happens after that? They get a chance at life.

With one person who continually shows up for them and believes in them, it changes everything.

They work hard in high school. They go to college. They get a job -- a good job.

And this successful journey towards becoming a functioning adult in society inspires the younger generation of brothers and sisters into believing that they too have a chance. That the existence they currently see before them does not define their future. That there is someone out there who cherishes and believes in them too, who doesn't give up on them. And that makes all the difference.

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Thank you!

Khayelitsha street scene, photo by Anna MorrisOur newest double-decker LaunchPad is up and running, but we haven’t properly introduced you to the township where it is located – Khayelitsha. Xhosa for New Home, Khayelitsha is the largest township in Cape Town located 15.5 mi or 25 km south-east of the city center. One of the first things you notice about Khayelitsha is the size and flare of the shacks in the townships. Many of the residents in Khayelitsha have built up, creating double-decker "rooms with a view." Khayelitsha’s proud homeowners don’t stop there, they have created an entire economy devoted to shack customization.

A common sight as you go down the streets of Khayelitsha are the rows of specialized vendors. Need a new door? Go to the door seller. Need a new window? Go to the window expert. The marketplace isn’t just limited to home upgrades, there are specialized vendors for bikes, furniture, and even car tires.

windows on street in Khayelitsha, photo by Anna MorrisThe investments by Khayelitsha’s residents back into their community and their entrepreneurial spirit are a few of the reasons Infinite Family excitedly established a LaunchPad in Khayelitsha. The residents are not the only ones invested in the community. With Velokhaya as strong as any local partner we’ve worked with and Pick n Pay’s unwavering support for the community of Khayelitsha, the decision to establish a LaunchPad in Cape Town was an easy one.

Thank you to longtime supporter, Video Mentor, and award-winning photographer, Anna Morris, for providing these amazing photos of Khayelitsha. See her additional work at