Tour Our Newest LaunchPad in Cape Town

Take a virtual tour of our newest LaunchPad in Gugulethu Township, Cape Town! Gugulethu's teens are about to be introduced to adults worldwide that not only wish them a bright future - but are also willing to log in every week for 30 minutes and help them develop the skills that allow them to become self-reliant and successful!

Infinite Family Comes to Cape Town - A Virtual Tour of our LaunchPad in Gugulethu Township from Infinite Family on Vimeo.

Infinite Family is the only worldwide video mentoring organization simultaneously bridging the technology, geographic and cultural divide between where the majority of South Africa’s teens are growing up, and the 21st century community where they want to live and work as adults.
This new LaunchPad video mentoring computer lab allows Gugulethu's teens to learn from adults worldwide on their way to becoming self-reliant adults.