Host a Caring Community Fundraising Event

Infinite Family really counts on the support of our worldwide community of donors
to bring video mentoring to youth isolated by poverty from the opportunities of the 21st century. 
Individuals, foundations, businesses and corporations all contribute to our solution – and you can, too.

Funds raised through community fundraising events help Infinite Family to:

Recruit, train and match video mentors from around the world
to work with our Net Buddy mentees in South Africa.

Develop curricula, training resources and enrichment activities for mentors to
use in promoting self-reliance with their Net Buddy mentees.

Maintain our mentoring LaunchPads, including the upkeep and servicing of computers,
headphones and other equipment used by our Net Buddy mentees every day.

Whether you're planning a bake sale that will raise one hundred dollars, or a 5K run that raises thousands,
every dollar adds up to make a life-changing difference for a teen in our video mentoring program.  

If you have any questions regarding community fundraising events and how you can get involved,
please give us a call at (212) 400-7446, or email us at

We also invite you to use our:

•     Fundraising Event Resources page for ideas and tools to make your event planning run smoothly Download

•    Fundraising Guidelines to help cross the “t’s” and dot the “I’s” to make your event a success Download

•    Fundraiser Financial Report. Download