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Rudolph EnsingOn the occasion of my farewell as Director of the European School Munich, I would like to invite you wholeheartedly to support Infinite Family.

We were introduced to Infinite Family in our work to strengthen the social dimension in our school and further develop our outreach program, and had the privilege to meet and work with its Founder and CEO, Amy Stokes to establish their first LaunchPad computer lab in Cape Town, South Africa. We were and are highly impressed by the inspiring and successful way young South Africans learn from adults worldwide via a system of video mentorship through computers in rebuilt containers.  For many years I have had the privilege to contribute both as a Director and as an Inspector to the education of young people in The Netherlands, Europe and worldwide. From this background I can honestly state that Infinite Family is doing a magnificent job and I would be very grateful for any contribution that can help our young African friends to build brighter futures.  

Thank you, 

Rudolph Ensing

group of students in lab


In Zulu, people who are dependable and provide support are called the Abasekeli. Please join Infinite Family’s Abasekeli by making a recurring monthly gift to connect one of our new South African teens with their own Video Mentor and set them on the right path to school and job success.

A recurring monthly donation of only $40 covers the costs to sustain a Net Buddy video mentorship.

Thank you for helping us launch the next class of Net Buddies ready to break the cycle of poverty and violence and become South Africa’s next generation of role models!

100% of Abasekeli recurring donations directly support Infinite Family Net Buddy mentees.

All Abasekeli with a recurring monthly donation of $20 or more will receive a special gift.



student online with mentor
“I open up because she’s never judged me. Every time I have something bothering me, I cannot wait to share it with my Video Mentor. This is because of the guidance she offers me, plus I enjoy her company.  She makes me feel like a person.”  - Net Buddy Katlego

Your sustaining gift is the best way to keep the connection between Net Buddies, like Katlego, and life-changing Video Mentors strong and long lasting.

No one can walk a South African teen's turbulent journey alone. Connecting them with just one caring adult half a world away can mean the difference between dropping out, or digging deep and working toward long-term success.

100% of gifts directly sustain Net Buddy and Video Mentor relationships.



students working with computer


Your gift allows Infinite Family do what we do best - help South African teens develop real world skills, graduate college, and hold 21st century jobs.

Whether it’s upgrading the Internet connection at our LaunchPads so Net Buddies have uninterrupted video conversations with their Video Mentors or providing a South African student college application fees - your generous gift will help to disrupt generations of poverty and violence for our South African students striving to make success the status quo.