Launch a Fundraising Campaign that Helps an African Teen Build a Better Life!








Support Infinite Family’s global mentoring movement by creating your own fundraising page.

Use it to raise funds to celebrate a birthday, holiday, to honour a friend,
or simply because you believe in the power of South Africa’s teens to transform their society.
Just set a realistic goal, create your page, and start raising funds to give
South Africa’s teens a hand up to become self-reliant.

It really is as easy as clicking on this link:
So go ahead, begin planning and get started!

If you want use Infinite Family’s logo on your Crowdrise page,
please download and use this version: (JPG)

If you want use one of Infinite Family’s photos on your Crowdrise page,
please download and use one of these:



But please don’t forget to choose “Infinite Family,
EIN: 06-1533274 in the “Select Your Charity” box.

Some tips:

1. Familiarise yourself with crowdfunding and how it works.
How much do similar campaigns raise?

2. Craft a story that will resonate emotionally with potential donors and inspire them to give.
Perhaps it is related to the issues Infinite Family addresses,
or perhaps it is related to your story as a dedicated mentor or volunteer.
People want to hear why you care about Infinite Family so share your story!

3. Devise a marketing plan to get the word out.
Start with a list of all the people you know and put them into two categories:

Donors: People that will contribute to your campaign.

Promoters: Who will amplify your reach and share your campaign?

4. Pace yourself! Most campaigns last 30-60 days and you need to share information
with your friends and colleagues throughout the campaign.
To take some of the pressure off, check out tools like Twuffer,
Hootsuite, or TweetDeck that schedule tweets and posts ahead of time.

5. Don’t forget to thank your donors!  

What kind of event could you do?

Fun runs, marathons, and walks are all great ways to fundraise.
You can either organise a walk in your city or click here
for a guide of all of the full and half marathons occurring in the USA, Canada, and Worldwide.

If running isn’t your thing, there are a whole host of other activities
or sports that can be organised for charity supporters.
If you have any questions regarding individual fundraising campaigns
and how you can get involved, please give us a call at (212) 400-7446,
or email us at

We truly appreciate your generously sharing your time and effort to support our work. Thank you!