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Our proven path to teen self-reliance and success.

Video Mentoring

Be The Mentor You Wish You Had

Infinite Family’s video mentoring program, combined with additional activities, workshops and curricula, supports South African teens in building core skills in five areas: education, technology literacy, career preparation, and communication and life skills.

Our Stakeholders Speak

Infinite Family mentors help their Net Buddy mentees build a better life.

<a href="">Video Mentors </a>
Video Mentors

Global adult volunteers sharing experience and expertise.

<a href="">Net Buddy Mentees </a>
Net Buddy Mentees

South African teens taking control of their futures.

<a href="">Christina's Story </a>
Christina’s Story

An orphan’s exit from the poverty pipeline.

<a href="">Virtual Tour</a>
Virtual Tour

Check out our LaunchPad video mentoring computer lab.