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Infinite Family

Infinite Family motivates Black South African teens to overcome apartheid-era barriers and transform their lives by creating their own life-changing opportunities thru choices, actions and hard work during high school. Exceeding expectations, since 2013 more than 96% of our video mentored 12th grade students are among 'first in family' to attain college, then jobs not previously available to their parents. Our volunteer Video Mentors fill the void as "one supportive adult" that guide Africa's teens to build resilience while transforming toxic stress into life-long coping strength. Our legacy is resilient, resourceful, responsible and self-reliant Black South African adults - join us and share their success!
Infinite Family
Infinite Family1 week ago
Look what we found living between our’s not just our Net Buddies who know this is a good place to be!

#gottasmile #makingtheworldabetterplace #createopportunities
Infinite Family
Infinite Family2 weeks ago
Picking the right partners is critical for success in projects of all sizes, but especially important when dealing with items that weigh thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds! @Absolute Containers has proven it is the right partner for our LaunchPads time after time, and did so again last week. They not only set strong cornerstones for our LaunchPads, they create foundation plinths that are large, solid and deeply set. Not even South Africa’s powerful torrential storms will be able to undermine our newest LaunchPad in Alexandra. While Nike says, “Just do it,” Infinite Family and Absolute Containers say, “Do it right!”

#doitright #rolemodels #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #futurefocused #makinganimpact
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