Net Buddy Poetry

I couldn’t imagine a more fitting way to introduce Infinite Family’s new blog than with the powerful words and imagery of our Net Buddy mentees.

I am very proud to present the work of our award-winning Net Buddy poets from Tsogang Sechaba, Tau Rapulana and Nkosi’s Haven. Their poems on the theme of South Africa’s Human Rights Day poignantly express the legacy of that struggle and its enduring significance in the hearts and minds of South Africa’s youth.


First Place Award
South Africa Human Rights Day, by Sabelo Khumalo
Age 12, Tsogang Secheba

South African Human Rights Day
By Sabelo Khumalo

A day when people rise up in spite of shame

As we cried, our tears were a sign of the freedom we gained

Though at the beginning, we were treated in a mean way

We even went to crush rocks that held the freedom we gained

We were kicked, shoved, pushed for the color of our skin

We were made to use dirty toilets, oh what a shame

Like we had some type of disease

Sharpville 1960, as our youth assembled for the freedom we gained

Streets filled with the blood of fighters with strength

At last the rocks were crushed, the wounds were healed, and

The tears were now tears of joy

As we danced, our spirit was regained by the sunshine that lighted in our eyes

Second Place Award
Human Rights, Human Rights, by Agnes Mokoena
Age 12, Tsogang Secheba

Human Rights, Human Rights
By Agnes Mokoena

Human rights, human rights

Our rights we fight for

Nation of South Africa, wake up

Stars and moon past by night

The sun is shining bright in the sky

We must remember people

People who chose to go and fight

Fight for our rights on the union building

We have rights for children and adults

South Africa beautiful country

We are free

Yet violence is everywhere

Made by adults

Caused by alcohol abuse

And drug abuse

Prisoners are we all


Rape and abuse are taking place

Wake up Africa, wake up

Third Place Award
Trajectory in the Streets, by Mmota Nthabeleng
Age 17, Tau Rapulana High School

Trajectory in the Streets
By Mmota Nthabeleng

Mistaken religions,

unlucky positions.

You may be spoiling

Someone’s horizon,

trajectory in the

streets of a certain

It’s better that your

execution is extrajudicial

rather than intrajudicial.

At least you don’t have

to wait for the date,

and satisfy the spectators.

As if an ending could

ever be a star.

Honorary Mention
My Country, by Mpendula Sindane
Age 11, Nkosi’s Haven Village

My Country
by Mpendula Sindane

I am a young black boy, and my future lies in my country,

South Africa.

I know some days will be hard for me, but I hope for a good life in my country,

South Africa.

I will be a businessman and a soccer player, and be good at what I do in my country,

South Africa.

I will become a successful black African man in my homeland,

South Africa.