Invest in Teens Who Invest in Themselves

Defying community expectations, Infinite Family’s Net Buddies finish high school, attend college/university, and then go to work to help support an average of 8 family members.

Your gift now keeps them on track to succeed in school, work, and life.

Other Ways to Support South African Teens

Here's how your gift could help a teen build a better life:

Sustaining sponsors drive teen success.

$10/month – Keeps a LaunchPad computer lab clean and safe for all our teens

$19/month – Provides a teen with a weekly mentoring session

$32/month – Provides a weekly tutoring session for 5 teens

$55/month – Guarantees 5 teens daily access to a computer and internet

$100/month – Trains 80 Net Buddies in digital literacy every year

One-time investments make long-term impact.

$    50 – Adds skills development resources to our online library

$   150 – Delivers one year of books for a college/university student

$   700 – Buys a new laptop for teens to use every day

$1,500 – Keeps 60 teens warm with a new hooded sweater for the winter

$4,670 – Sponsors 1 year of college/university courses

FACT: Teens make the most important decisions for their entire future between the ages of 12 and 22.

It’s tough for teens everywhere to make the ‘good’ decisions that are in their long-term interests. Yet, the choices they make can BUILD or BREAK an entire lifetime of opportunities. That’s amplified in communities that are confronting grinding poverty and pervasive violence.

With few role models of better outcomes, it makes sense for many teens to live in the moment and worry about the rest later.

For our teens in South Africa, decisions can look like this:

Drop out of high school
to find a job and help feed the family?
Stay in school,
in the hope of building a better, long-term future for the family?

Date and enjoy intimate relationships

at the risk of a teen pregnancy?
Forgo intimate relationships to keep dreams on track?

Join a gang and hang out with the cool guys?
Withstand peer-pressure and be branded a nerd?


Your gift today offers an alternative, a course correction, a new path to success, at its most powerful and transformational moment in a teen’s life.

Outside of the U.S.

Global Giving provides tax deduction confirmation for UK donors.

SnapScan lets South Africans donate quickly and easily via their phone.

Every gift makes a difference!
We thank you for investing in our Net Buddies!

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