Crypto Donations Keep African Teens Warm and Safe

How cold does it get in South Africa?

Winter has arrived with freezing temperatures at night! Sadly, our Net Buddies’ homes don't have a reliable source of heating or insulation so the drafts really chill to the bone. This year, things are even worse than normal: Level 6 Load Shedding means every home is without electricity at least 8 hours each day. Space heaters won't even help.

Many families will be forced to take even more dangerous actions to stay warm, like using an “imbawula” – an open flame barely contained in an open metal bucket – inside their homes. Children regularly die from carbon monoxide poisoning and/or home fires as a result.

Your gift today keeps our African teens warm with a new, extra thick hooded sweater.

$20/R300 wraps them in the thick, warmest fabric to keep them safe and focused on their homework throughout these cold winter nights.

Please keep our Net Buddies focused on their studies, not their freezing fingers:

   20 USDC  Keeps 1 Net Buddies warm and safe

     2 SOL    Keeps 3 Net Buddies warm and safe

     1 ETH    Keeps 52 Net Buddies warm and safe

0.10 BTC    Keeps 96 Net Buddies warm and safe

Every gift makes a difference! We thank you for keeping our Net Buddies warm, safe and on the path to success in school, work and life!


Crypto donations work for you too!

Donating cryptocurrency is a non-taxable event, which means US donors do not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated amount and can deduct it on their taxes. This makes Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency donations one of the most tax efficient ways to support Infinite Family. Of course, you may donate anonymously, but we can only send you a tax deduction confirmation if you enter your email in the donation form.

Cryptocurrency coins and tokens accepted.

Visit The Giving Block for more information on cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency coins and tokens accepted

If you want to learn more about how donating crypto can lower your taxes, check out, talk to a crypto-savvy tax professional, or connect with The Giving Block to get connected with one.