Technology Allows a Direct Connection and Personal Impact.

Thru computers and the Internet, Video Mentors fill the void as “one supportive adult” when local adults are not available to support teens in turning toxic stress into lifetime resilience and coping strength.

Video Mentoring sessions are personal and interactive via our proprietary, secure Internet platform — the Ezomndeni Net. Ezomndeni means “everything related to family” in Zulu.

You Are Never Alone

Infinite Family support staff are on call and online during all video conversations.

What is required from a Video Mentor?

TIME COMMITMENT: 30 minutes per week, 30 weeks per year

TRAINING: 3.5 hours online, anytime, and one live 90 minute webinar session

COMMITMENT: a minimum of one year

MENTOR AGE: At least 21 years old

LANGUAGE: English is spoken during all video conversations but does not need to be a Video Mentor’s first language.

TECHNOLOGY: Video Mentors need access to high-speed Internet connection and a webcam to log in, but there is no software to download on personal or work computers.

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