By the end of 2019, Infinite Family had mentored over 600 students for over 36,000 mentoring sessions.

Net Buddy Mentee and Video Mentor Engagement is strong.

Net Buddy mentees usually begin video mentoring between ages 12 and 15 and are allowed to participate as long as they continue meeting the performance expectations. Our longest mentorships have lasted up to 11 years – but the friendships often last much longer! 

The greatest drop-off point for most mentoring programs is between six months and one year. More than half of our Net Buddy mentees have participated in video mentoring more than one year – almost one fifth have been engaged for more than 3 years. 

Two-thirds of Video Mentors continue beyond their first year of required commitment – 30% have stayed involved more than 3 years and more than one fifth of our Video Mentors have stayed engaged more than 4 years. 

Most Net Buddy Mentees and Video Mentors have one mentoring relationship at a time.

However, sometimes transitions are necessary due to meeting availability or life changes. Though sometimes difficult, Infinite Family’s transition process helps our mentees learn how to navigate changing interpersonal dynamics, build resilience and prepare for future relationships.  

Just over one third of Net Buddy mentees have experienced a relationship with more than one Video Mentor. 

Almost 40% of Video Mentors engage with more than one Net Buddy mentee, occasionally at the same time but usually one after another. 

Mentor and Mentee Locations

Video Mentors from 17 countries and 40 US States mentor Net Buddies living in Gauteng and Western Cape provinces. 

Mentors Locations

Austria, Belgium, Brazil (2 Provinces), Canada (6 Provinces), France, Germany, Hungary, India, Jamaica, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa (2 Provinces), South Korea, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States (40 States).