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When is a Good Time to Lose Focus?

Dear Net Buddies, Sometimes when things lose their novelty and just roll along, we let down our guard, just like this soldier. On one hand, it’s sweet that he takes the time to notice the goldfish. On the other hand, doing so right at that very moment could have terrible […]

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I Say “Hello” – You Say “Goodbye”

Dear Net Buddies and Blazers, Even before coronavirus it made sense to try to understand others’ cultures and traditions to smooth the path in building a relationship, which is extra important when entering the work world. Now, with coronavirus, we may have to even flex our extra sensitive understanding  muscles […]

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Dr. Lanette Hattingh, Author of African Wisdom

Dr. Lanette Hattingh Director, Edu Ecstatic (Pty) Ltd and Educational Psychologist Dr. Lanette Hattingh matriculated in 1970 from Oranje Meisieskool in Bloemfontein. After Grade 12 she attended the University of the Free State where she completed her B Soc Sc Nursing degree and her Honours in Psychology. She then continued […]

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All Roads Lead Where?

Dear Net Buddies,  Lockdown was definitely a routine upsetting “new normal.” Now we find ourselves in a second “new normal” in less than five months that can only be described as “unpredictable.” (Somehow this doesn’t fit with “normal.”) Some of you have been able to go back to school. Some […]

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Coronavirus Mythbusters

Dear Net Buddies and Blazers, Getting used to the ‘new normal’ doesn’t mean we let rumor mongers or gossip gadflies define what we believe or how we act – not everything has changed. Just to confirm what we should and should not believe – let’s go back a worldwide trusted […]

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Words are Never Enough – Ngiyabonga! Enkosi kakhulu! Thank You!

Once again, Pick n Pay came through for Infinite Family’s Net Buddies! Without their expertise, organization, and country-wise distribution system, it would have been impossible to deliver food parcels to our very hungry teens and their families. Even if there was a good Plan B, our Net Buddies would not […]

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