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Stability is a Strong Place to Start

Stability is what any new program needs and what Infinite Family will build on to begin bringing online education to the townships. How do we know we have a stable foundation for these new services for South Africa’s teens? Well, his name is Zinzo Tebe and Zinzo means “Stability” in […]

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The South African Educational System

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela Click here for Infinite Family’s notes about the South African educational system and the critical roles Video Mentors play in their Net Buddies school and life success.

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“Doing Good is Good Business,” Raymond Ackerman

To be turning 90 seems unreal. It’s a very long time, and if I think back on the many ups and downs, the difficulties we’ve been through as a nation, it’s quite amazing to be writing this at all. The past year has been brutal. So many families have been […]

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Life’s Upsets Won’t Stop Langa

The persistence of young South Africans like Langa should be an inspiration far outside of his community. Like many young people, life events interrupted his education but haven’t interrupted his becoming a self-reliant, responsible young man. Raised in a single-parent home with five siblings, he worked hard in school and […]

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Persistence Pays for Siyabonga

Siyabonga’s rural high school did not offer what he needed to pass his final exams and fulfill his dream to become an engineer. He could have accepted that result and joined the more than 90% of his peers who don’t go to college. But instead, helped by his Video Mentor, […]

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Elsina’s Electrifying Success

People don’t realize it, but living in poverty includes lots of daily math. For example, how many trips to the community faucet does it take to hand wash one load of laundry? For Elsina, the answer used to be 9: 3 trips to fill the basin to wash, 3 trips […]

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