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Uncle Sam Sends a Gift to US Donors

In case you haven’t heard this news, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has a gift this holiday season for Infinite Family’s generous American donors. In addition to the standard deduction you may take next April, Uncle Sam is giving you an additional charitable tax deduction up to $300 on donations […]

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Adcock Ingram

Early this month, our CEO, Amy Stokes, received a suspicious email: Dear Amy, I trust this finds you well! We are the Advertising and Marketing Agency for Adcock Ingram Consumer. We have been requested to contact you to obtain the deserving nominated Charity’s banking details so that we can make […]

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Pick n Pay Strikes – Against Food Insecurity – Again!

South Africa’s countrywide total lockdown starting last March took most businesses completely by surprise. While they were still figuring out how to keep their operations running with employees physically separated and hampered by poor Internet, Pick n Pay (PnP) executives and the Ackerman family were already working to curb the […]

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Dung Beetle Wisdom: Salt-of-the-Earth People

Dung beetles are the cleaners of Africa! There are many animals like elephants that eat tons of grass a day and make a lot of dung. Dung is gold for the dung beetle! Once on site, they use their forelegs to roll the dung into a ball about as big […]

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There are Many Ways to Give (and Get) the Big Lift

Booker T. Washington believed strongly in the power of education and spent his life dedicated to teaching and creating educational opportunities for Black Americans. His story is particularly inspiring given that he was born in 1815 as an enslaved person and was too poor as a child to attend school […]

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