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SA Cultural Icons Don’t Stop for Covid

Icons making a cultural contribution to society have been honoured for their work. In celebration of Heritage Month, GCIS hosted Africa’s Webinar on COVID-19 on Monday honouring our living human treasures’ and their commitment to help shape society. These are people who’ve preserved indigenous knowledge that they’ve inherited from elders […]

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Monkey Wisdom: Even Monkeys Fall Out of Trees

Monkeys are excellent climbers; they know which branches to swing on. At the first sign of danger an alarm call will be signaled and the troop will disappear high up into the trees where it is safe. But sometimes, even monkeys fall out of trees. You are born perfect, but […]

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Whose Heritage Matters Most?

Dear Net Buddies, Yesterday was Heritage Day, your national holiday to celebrate all of the diverse peoples and traditions that make up, admirably peacefully, South Africa. You retain respect for a wealth of languages, colorful traditional clothing, valued customs, and special food flavors in a way that few other places […]

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Gemsbok Wisdom: The Courage to Persevere

Gemsboks are known for their capability to last a long time without water and they can withstand temperatures ranging up to 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). In the rainy season the gemsbok can run for days and weeks through the desert to reach the water pans of the Kalahari. […]

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Leopard Wisdom: Patience is the Key

Leopards are beautiful, powerful, graceful, secretive and elusive. They are considered the most remarkable hunters because they are patient in the extreme. They move and stalk with caution and slow precision and when the time is completely right, attack suddenly with explosive determination to capture and retrieve their prey. Patience […]

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Calling All Emerging Designers

Pick n Pay Clothing, in association with Atelier Gavin Rajah, has launched a new mentorship project for emerging local fashion designers. The Futurewear project will be a dedicated platform to find and build local fashion talent by allowing them the opportunity to launch their business with an exclusive collection in […]

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