Corporate Opportunities

We Make it Easy to Make a Difference

Infinite Family knows that our partners count on us to help them make a sustainable impact in the communities where they work — and to provide unique workplace experiences for their employees. Our team has the skills, systems and expertise to manage community teams, support employee teams and report on teen progress to management.

Infinite Family works with each of its partners to develop a partnership that aligns with their unique needs and capabilities. Contact us to discuss the partnership opportunities for your business, institution, faith community, or professional or other membership organization.

Employee or Member Mentoring

Infinite Family provides organizations with an innovative and meaningful way to make employee or member volunteerism a shared, global effort through video mentoring. The benefits to employees or members are significant – employees who mentor are happier in their jobs and have increased leadership skills. Members who volunteer together develop stronger bonds to each other and the organization that supports them in their shared volunteerism.

Programmatic Support

To get more directly involved in Infinite Family’s work with African teens, companies or organizations can support Infinite Family’s work programmatically in a number of ways, including: Sponsor an incoming or existing class of Net Buddy mentees at one of our mentoring labs; Organize in-person or video workshops or learning field trips for our Net Buddies; Support on-going training and career development opportunities for our Net Blazer alumni; Expand our professional video library with career guidance videos based on the experience of your employees; Bring a mentoring lab to a school in your community; and Piloting new technology and infrastructure enhancements that ensure Infinite Family continues to drive video mentoring to new and existing African communities in need.

Matching Gifts & Cash for Doers Programs

Many companies match their employees’ charitable contributions, and also provide non-profit partners with financial support based on their employees’ volunteer commitments. Learn how you can double your impact today, contact Amy Stokes.

In-kind Contributions

In-kind contributions of Internet or cellular bandwidth, design, technology, training, software, and computers and accessories are key to our success providing video mentoring to African students. Learn how employees can double their impact today, contact Amy Stokes.