Amy Stokes

Trifecta Week

  “Today was great because I did everything I needed to do.” ~ Net Buddy Scelo It’s always rewarding when our Net Buddies demonstrate the lessons and values their Video mentors are trying to share, especially the Infinite Family mantra, “Resilience, Resourcefulness, Responsibility”. Sounds like Scelo achieved the trifecta this […]

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Happy Africa Day!

#HappyAfricaDay ! Did you know that in Africa has: 54 Countries 1.3 billion people (4x the US) 1,500-2,000 African languages The oldest known mathematical object, the Lebombo bone, dating to approx. 35,000 BC More than 25% of the world’s bird species Four of the five fastest land animals on Earth […]

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Sharing Smiles from the States

Sharing smiles from the States – Thanks @Angela and Hank for 10 years of supporting our Net Buddies in too many ways to count! #goodpeopledoinggoodthings #beautifulsouthafrica #mentoringmatters #global #rolemodels #supportiveadult

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View from the Top

  Climbing the stairs at Infinite Family’s LaunchPad is the first time our Net Buddies view their world from above the ground floor. It’s just the first time they will rise this high – the sky’s the limit! #firststep #learnsomethingnew #alwayslearning #skillsdevelopment #preparedforlife #resilient #resourceful #responsible

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Open for Business

Terribly exciting to host our first international travelers at the LaunchPad in Alexandra Township! Welcome Hank and Angela! #goodpeopledoinggoodthings #beautifulsouthafrica #mentoringmatters #global #rolemodels #supportiveadult

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That’s a Stretch!

“Look how tall I’ve grown.” That’s what we heard, then lots of laughter, from the top of the LaunchPad platform as our Net Buddies headed home after their VCs (video conversations). While Spring has sprung in the US, South Africa’s late afternoon sun casts long shadows as Fall lets our […]

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