Working Overtime

While our teens may be wrestling with their political consciences, they are perfectly clear-eyed about what they need to do to carve out their own future success.  How do we know?  Because, not only are they working hard in school and committed to their weekly video conferences with their mentors […]

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Kudos to the CLP

Anyone who has spent even a small amount of time working with NGOs knows the challenge of getting through the endless admin.  It’s enormously time-consuming, and when it involves interacting with online portals (that seem to be needed for EVERYTHING these days), it can be incredibly frustrating!  Especially when the […]

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Keep a Teen Warm this Winter

It happens. We’ve all been let down at one time or another. But heading into South Africa’s cold winter months is one time we don’t want to let our Net Buddies down. Just as our American and European Video Mentors are getting their beach bodies in shape, the chill is […]

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Democracy Isn’t What It Used To Be

Second, South Africa is preparing to go to the polls next week and the mood couldn’t be more different from the excitement of its first democratic election when Nelson Mandela led the African National Congress out of apartheid and into power in 1994. This time around, the electorate – of […]

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We Celebrate May Anniversaries!

Net Buddies and Video Mentors are the heart of our Infinite Family. In May, we celebrate: Mentorship Anniversaries 9 years   Georgina & Debra 4 years   Bongani & Rana 3 years   Inganam & Michelle 2 years   Ayabonga & Tiber     |     Buhle & Regi     |  […]

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