Keep Teens Learning

Studying by candlelight takes lots of concentration. As the candle flickers, the words dance. Reading the same sentence over and over to make sense requires keen and steady focus. Maintaining this level of attention is extra hard after a long day of school and chores, like pumping and carrying water […]

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Level 6 Load Shedding Strikes!

Without even a day’s warning, South Africa has gone from Level 2 to Level 6 Load Shedding. There’s no easy way to say this: THIS IS BAD! Just as the coldest months of winter hit, our African teens will experience at least 8 hours without electricity each day. Many of […]

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Newest Net Buddies

Meet Infinite Family’s newest Net Buddies, ready to work hard for school, work and life success – and they can’t wait to meet their Video Mentors after the upcoming school break. See you in July! #futurefocused #smart #alwaysthinking#learnsomethingnew #mentoringmatters

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Special Facebook Friends

  Facebook can be a source of joy and frustration, sometimes all in the same day. At Infinite Family, we would like to add “surprise” and “gratitude” to the list of adjectives used to describe this community. Without fanfare – or even notification – you, our generous Infinite Family is […]

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