Last Day for December Double Match

That’s right, Infinite Family Director Kevin Travis is committed to doubling all first-time and extra donations to Infinite Family before midnight tomorrow! If you’ve ever wanted to make your first donation to Infinite Family: Now is the time!  If you’ve already made your annual gift to Infinite Family but like […]

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Shared Secret

There most powerful period in a young person’s life to spark their own independence, courage, and tenacity to prevail for whatever she, he or they choose to put their mind to is when they are teens. This is why our Infinite Family focuses on teens. And, it’s why you are […]

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You are Our Strength

Ubuntu ngubuntu ngabantu.  This isiZulu phrase means “I am who I am because of my community.” I first heard this from a young African boy named Lucky in 2006. He used it to explain what being part of Infinite Family meant to him, continuing, “and now I am part of […]

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Happy Festive Season

  For the teens at Infinite Family, this Festive Season finishes the first full year of (almost) regular school days and after-school LaunchPad sessions in almost three years. Like everyone eager to connect again, our Net Buddies were very grateful to have their routines return to normal. No one escaped […]

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A First in Alexandra

It’s another first for Infinite Family and one for Alexandra too: Welcome Ambassador Reuben Brigety, III and the U.S. Embassy South Africa Team and thank you for spending the afternoon in Alexandra Township with our Infinite Family.  With his background in education, Ambassador Brigety was especially interested in meeting with […]

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