Loadshedding Silver Lining

  Three years back, it would have been hard to conceive how adaptable, agile and resilient humans could be in a pandemic that shut down the world.    Aside from all the advances in science and technology, and the ‘pivots’ in education and the workplace, we’ve all learned a ton about […]

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We Celebrate September Anniversaries!

Net Buddies and Video Mentors are the heart of our Infinite Family. In September, we celebrate: Mentorship Anniversaries 2 years   Aphiwe & Lauren   |   Nthabiseng & LaShonda   |   Sikhona & Oriana 1 year     Kwakho & Marie   |   Neo & Van New […]

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Joyful Learning

  Studying isn’t always easy, but our Net Buddies find moments of joy in it that keep them going. 🤩 They are working so hard and keeping their eyes on the prize of good grades that help them create opportunities for their futures. 📚📈#firststep #learnsomethingnew #alwayslearning #keepkidslearning

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Why Mentor?

  Who’s ready to make a difference!? Being a mentor is so rewarding – it’s a chance to give back and help shape the future of the next generation. 🤩 From aiding in career development to providing a listening ear, you can be the kind of role model that empowers […]

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Performance to Progress

Our Net Buddies get the insight and strategies to reach the next level of success from their Performance Report ratings. 📈 Monthly results help them keep an eye on progress and staying up-to-date with performance is key – luckily, they also have their Video Mentors to help them keep pushing […]

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Book Magic

  Let the journey begin! 🗺️ Books open the doors to endless adventure, exploration, and journey of the mind, 📚especially for teens who have NEVER had access to books to read just for fun. 🤩 Thanks to Paula Derrow, one of our incredible Video Mentors, for starting the library at […]

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