Net Fundi to Future Educator

Wanga Moshani joined Infinite Family’s South African Team as a Net Fundi helping our Net Buddies in Khayelitsha in March 2020, just as the Covid-19 lockdowns hit South Africa hard. While it was an unusual year to take on new responsibilities, he fell “in love with being part of the […]

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Cheers to November Anniversaries

  Net Buddies and Video Mentors are the heart of our Infinite Family. In November, we celebrate: Mentorship Anniversaries  5 years  Hope & Nicole     |     Tshepo & Alyssa 2 years   Avela & Chaman     |     Juan-are & Ronnie     |     […]

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New Exam Prep Classes

Introducing Build Skills Together classes specially designed to help our Net Buddies prepare for (and conquer) their end-of-year exams. Since academics are a focus all year long, these classes are designed to equip our teens with smart strategies for studying and controlling stress before and while writing exams. As you […]

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We Love Learning

Coming to Infinite Family’s LaunchPads makes preparing for exams rewarding and — dare we say– FUN! At least it is for Infinite Family’s Net Buddies because they can go to a place that is clean, bright, safe and full of information and answers.   #alwayslearning #education #graduate #mathisfun

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Needing No Apologies

Net Buddy Apology reminds us despite the lack of guidance in their lives, they can count on their Video Mentor to be the role models they have always needed. Thank you to all of our Video Mentors for being a shining example to South African students! #mentor #mentoring #mentoringmatters #youthdevelopment […]

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