Level 6 Load Shedding Strikes!

Without even a day’s warning, South Africa has gone from Level 2 to Level 6 Load Shedding. There’s no easy way to say this: THIS IS BAD! Just as the coldest months of winter hit, our African teens will experience at least 8 hours without electricity each day. Many of […]

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Newest Net Buddies

Meet Infinite Family’s newest Net Buddies, ready to work hard for school, work and life success – and they can’t wait to meet their Video Mentors after the upcoming school break. See you in July! #futurefocused #smart #alwaysthinking#learnsomethingnew #mentoringmatters

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Special Facebook Friends

  Facebook can be a source of joy and frustration, sometimes all in the same day. At Infinite Family, we would like to add “surprise” and “gratitude” to the list of adjectives used to describe this community. Without fanfare – or even notification – you, our generous Infinite Family is […]

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Celebrating Father Figures

  The power of Dad comes in so many forms. Thank you to all Infinite Family Video Mentor fatherly figures who prepare South Africa’s teens to lead lives that break the cycles of poverty and violence. Be the Mentor You Wish You Had #mentoringmatters #rolemodels #goodpeople #makingadifference #makinganimpact #timewellspent #makeitcount

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Share the Warmth

  To celebrate our Net Buddies for South African Youth Day – and help them stay warm during the freezing winter months (last week temperatures dropped to freezing) Infinite Family needs your help to buy every single one a new, warm, hooded sweater. Our Net buddies homes do not have […]

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Happy SA Youth Day

Infinite Family’s only priority is preparing South African youth for success in school, work and life. Today, we celebrate their resilience, resourcefulness and responsibility to work every day against all odds to achieve their goals.   #SAyouthday #beautifulsouthafrica #overcomechallenges #nevergiveup #candoattitude     Note: Photos and quotes are all real […]

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