Explore Options for Your Future

Innovation is happening all around us – from the way we travel to what we eat to incredible medical breakthroughs that allow many more of us to live longer, more meaningful lives. Furthermore innovation in every aspect of life is only getting faster. This means that there are more new […]

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Stay Positive and Safe Safe

  Hello, my name is Janet Huntley.  I live in Washington State here in the U.S. Our state has been hard hit by the coronavirus, but we are all homebound and so there are fewer new cases now. 🙂  The only people who can leave their homes are those who […]

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Keep Your Focus Future Forward

Even when the world feels at a standstill, someone is getting ready for opportunities that lay ahead. Is it you? Net Buddies, Infinite Family knows it can be you if you chose to make good decisions and take small actions toward your goals every day. Today’s action is to think […]

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Painting Puzzle – How Does He Do It?

Back in the day, when artist Mbongeni Buthelezi was growing up in KZN, he loved making art.  His favourite materials were acrylics, oils and (best of all) watercolours but he didn’t have the budget to buy them so, instead of giving up his dreams to become an artist, he decided […]

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