Stop Coronavirus ebook by Austin & Lily

This easy to read ebook by Janet Giel-Romo Ed.D of Austin & Lily explains what coronavirus/covid 19 is, how people get it, why it is called a pandemic and why things are being cancelled.  It also explains what happens if you get coronavirus/covid 19 and that it will eventually end. Click […]

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Thank you Colin!

  Colin Cowie is a master at creating events that make people feel special and valued. What most people don’t see is how he does this behind the scenes for so many others, especially teens striving against the most difficult conditions in South Africa. Colin works magic daily for his […]

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Award Winning Artwork Private Sale to Benefit Infinite Family

Dream Choice CEO and Infinite Family Video Mentor Swapna Pinnamaneni will donate her gemstone sculpture “Ganesha” to the benefit of Infinite Family’s video mentoring program. “Ganesha” is carved from a 1080.5 carat Brazilian Citrine gemstone, measures 3.25″ H x 3.25″ W, and was awarded the 2018 American Gem Trade Association […]

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