It’s GlobalGiving Little x Little Matching Week!

At Infinite Family, we pride ourselves on being resourceful and it’s a core skill we instill in the teens on our mentorship program.  But there are limits to how resourceful they can be when the computers in our Launch Pads date back to 2015 and are limping to the end […]

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Stock Donations Deliver Long-Term Returns

Your Investments Grow IRL (“In Real Life”) Assets Infinite Family sticks by our Net Buddies through their turbulent teen years and then through college. Starting in 2022, we will provide access to online university in the townships through our LaunchPads to help more of them achieve and succeed even faster. […]

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Donate via PayPal

Donations directly fund life-changing mentoring relationships and our Net Buddy mentees’ work to become self-reliant adults.  

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Keep Our Teens in College and University

Nelson Mandela called education “the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” and it’s also the surest way to overcome the racist legacy of apartheid by eliminating poverty, providing stability and promoting economic independence.  A degree increases a young Black South Africa’s earning power by a staggering […]

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Covid-19 isn’t Our Teens’ Only Crisis

Covid-19 has changed everything, for everyone, everywhere. In South Africa, which has been under strict lockdown for two months, even the basic nutrition our Net Buddies rely on is missing. Like students around the world, they need their daily school meals to grow and to learn. For many of them, […]

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