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Leadership gifts propel African teens toward 21st century opportunities.

A gift of $25,000 or greater provides a new beginning to hundreds of African youth.

Leadership gifts advance Infinite Family's mission to promote self reliance

Produce and install a LaunchPad mentoring lab in underserved or rural communities.

Sponsor a new class of Net Buddies and their mentors for their training and first year of mentoring.

Start a new service, such as tutoring or online classes for young adults, at all of our mentoring labs.

Establish a financial support and loan program to assist our Net Buddy and Net Blazer distinguished scholars.

Provide career counseling and internship opportunities for our alumni Net Blazers.

Infinite Family can receive major gifts as one-time gifts of cash or securities, as pledges payable over a defined time period (usually three years) or as planned gifts. You decide if your gift will be restricted or unrestricted. Gifts to Infinite Family provide tax benefits in the United States and South Africa.