Keep Our Net Buddies Warm and Safe


How cold does it get in South Africa? Winter has arrived with freezing temperatures at night! Sadly, our Net Buddies’ homes don’t have a reliable source of heating or insulation so the drafts really chill to the bone. This year, things are even worse than normal: Level 6 Load Shedding means every home is without electricity at least 8 hours each day so even space heaters won’t help.

Many families will be forced to take even more dangerous actions to stay warm, like using an “imbawula” – an open flame barely contained in an open metal bucket – inside their homes. Children regularly die from carbon monoxide poisoning and/or home fires as a result.

You can keep our African teens warm with a new, extra thick hooded sweater. Our Net Buddies will reach for these high quality sweaters every day when they take off their school uniforms. Your $20/R300 gift today makes the freezing winter nights bearable.

Please keep our Net Buddies focused on their studies, not their freezing fingers:

    $20/R300    Keep 1 Net Buddy warm and safe

$100/R1500    Keep 5 Net Buddies warm and safe

$240/R3600   Keep 12 Net Buddies warm and safe


You may also make a donation using PayPal ->

Every gift makes a difference! We thank you for keeping our Net Buddies warm, safe and on the path to success in school, work and life!