Millicent Khumalo

Millicent Khumalo, Mentoring Support Specialist, South Africa

“Our teens need to understand what it means to become self-reliant, and that they are planting the seeds of the future with every action they take today. “

Millicent (Milly) Khumalo joined Infinite Family in 2009 as a pioneer Net Fundi (mentoring site facilitator) at Tsogang Sechaba Community Project. As an Extended Public Works Program (EPWP) volunteer, Millicent’s strong work with the orphan and vulnerable children and families at Tsohang Sechaba earned her recognition from management, who recommended her for Infinite Family’s first Net Fundi position. Her role then was to make sure that the video chats between mentors and Net Buddies ran according to schedule, to conduct home and school visits for Net Buddies, and to communicate issues about Net Buddies’ circumstances and home environments to Infinite Family and its video mentors.

In 2012, Millicent was promoted to Mentoring Support Specialist with Infinite Family. Among the responsibilities of her role are monitoring video conferences, making sure that Net Buddies and mentors are present for their VCs, working with Net Fundis at Infinite Family’s mentoring sites to optimize support of the mentoring relationship and office administration. She describes her role as Mentor Support Specialist as “a perfect way to build on her connection with youth in the community, and to continue guiding them to become their best selves.” She loves training new Net Buddies and watching them grow more confident in themselves through mentoring.

Millicent holds a Computer Literacy Certificate (Wits) and Call Center Certificate (Cornerstone), and lives in Johannesburg with her grandmother, siblings, cousins and two sons.