Sanele Buthelezi

Sanele Buthelezi, Mentoring Support Specialist, South Africa

“Because of all I learned through Infinite Family’s mentoring program, I see myself as a proud young man of South Africa with my whole life ahead of me.”

Sanele Buthelezi describes his role as Mentoring Support Specialist with Infinite Family as “coming full circle” in his life. As one of Infinite Family’s pioneer Net Buddies, Sanele brings valued first-hand experience with video mentoring and its impact on youth achievement to his work every day. His understanding of technology and familiarity with Infinite Family’s video mentoring platform help ensure that mentors and Net Buddies are able to make the most out of their weekly video conversations together.

A young entrepreneur and self-proclaimed “ideas guy”, Sanele’s motivation to do well in life goes hand-in-hand with a commitment to be of service to others. He credits his video mentor with helping build the bridge of hopes and dreams in his life, and for teaching him the importance of hard work to making them a reality.   Along with facilitating the mentor-Net Buddy experience as a Mentor Support Specialist, Sanele is passionate about using social media to communicate the issues affecting young adults in South Africa today, and to engaging Infinite Family and its audience in the dialogue. He’s inspired by the youth in Infinite Family’s program and is happiest just hanging out with them on a Saturday afternoon.

Sanele is a graduate of United Church School and has studied marketing at the Institution of Marketing Management. An avid reader of philosophy and outdoorsman, Sanele has participated in fundraising challenges to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Aconcagua Mountain in Argentina.