Help Our Teens Succeed in School

Learning in the LaunchPad

Replace a broken computer, refill cleaning products to keep our teens safe, or provide Saturday sandwiches – your generosity makes a real difference by letting us respond quickly and efficiently!

Here’s how your gift can help African teens succeed:

$600 Buy a new laptop to be used by hundreds of teens.

$300 Train 20 Net Buddies in digital literacy.

$125 Tutor 100 teens weekly for a month.

$65 Supply a teen with access to a computer, internet, and a weekly Video Mentor.

Or be a Sustaining Sponsor via small monthly gifts:

$5/month Sponsor a month of internet access.

$10/month Keep a LaunchPad learning zone clean and safe.

$25/month Tutor 20 teens each week.

Every gift helps! We thank you for strengthening our Net Buddies!