Infinite Family & Chideo

Infinite Family and Colin Cowie are together on Chideo, the place for one-of-a-kind content with a conscience. Register and help us countdown to our Spotlight on February 28th!
INFINITE FAMILY is dedicated to Africa’s teens.
Our mentored youth - 500 strong in our short history - survive on hope. The challenges they endure are formidable. Our role is to help get them ready for their lives as young adults and beyond.
    We have developed and deploy a solution that supports
face-to-face, personal mentoring by adult role models via
the Internet. Our mentors are there to fill the void of adults - to teach, discuss, encourage, challenge, befriend, and love.
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We’ve made distance mentoring work.
And we’re poised to affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of African teens and their countries. We can’t imagine a worthier goal. We hope you agree. Join us for the journey.
Please help us help them.