European School Munich Continues to Support Student Success in Khayelitsha, Cape Town

During the 2013-14 school year, the community at European School Munich (ESM), led by Director Rudolph Ensing and Educator Jeanette van der Werf, initiated Infinite Family’s entree into Cape Town by sponsoring the ground floor level of this LaunchPad video mentoring computer lab.  Joined by long-time corporate sponsors BT, Internet Solutions and our newest company partner, Pick n Pay, the single-level LaunchPad grew to a double-decker with seven (7) private video conversation rooms and 15 open workstations.

This year, when Director Ensing was asked how he wished to celebrate his retirement, his first wish was to continue to the exciting work the community had done in South Africa.  Rather than host a traditional reception in his honor, he asked the team to organize a tribute concert with all of the proceeds supporting Infinite Family’s work. Including ESM’s choir, concert band and special guests violinist Takaya Urakawa and pianist Mizuko Uchida, the concert raised $6,250!

Director Ensing has been especially proud of helping South African teens exceed all expectations to finish their own secondary schooling with the qualifications to continue on to college and university.  As First Generation advanced education students, they will return the rewards of this gift by getting a good job and supporting up to 15 of their family members. While they still have many years to go in that journey, they wanted to show their thanks along the way by sharing some of the ways their Video Mentors help them each and every week. Our Net Buddies know that with ‘Friends of the Family’ around the world investing in them, their futures are much brighter because of the opportunities ESM and their Video Mentors help them create.

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