Don’t Look Now – SEE Instead.

Dear Net Buddies & Blazers,

There is a famous business quote that says, “What gets measured gets managed.” At its most basic sense, this means that if something matters, you really pay attention to it, not just notice it, but really analyze and understand it.

Today’s activity is about learning to really see something that you have noticed before, but not really previously taken the time and or given the focus to SEE. At its best, this activity is designed to connect us to something in nature, something that is normally easy to miss in the normal rush of our everyday lives but is controlled by forces outside of our own control.

Here’s today’s challenge:

Choose a natural object from your immediate environment – perhaps a flower, an insect, some clouds or the moon – and focus on it.  Watch it carefully for two minutes or more, whatever is comfortable to you.

Don’t do anything else.  Relax into watching this piece of nature for as long as your concentration allows.

Look at it as if you are seeing it for the very first time.

Explore every aspect of it and allow yourself to connect with its energy and purpose in the world.

What did you choose to notice again for the first time?

What did you see anew?

2 Comments on “Don’t Look Now – SEE Instead.

Matubane Seka
May 6, 2020 at 4:08 am

Am just gonna tell you the synopsis of why I acknowledge the moon…
You know supernatural animals such as wolves gain their strengh from the moonlight and especially if it’s full moon…The moon associates itself with my mental instbility.

The moon expands and magnifies everything, everyone has a positive and negative side and the full moon just let both those sides be in the open and for everyone to see.

Just wait for the full moon and think about what I told you….✨

Sfiso Moutlane
May 4, 2020 at 4:29 am

Thank you.


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