Adjusting Expectations … It’s a Lockdown Lifeskill


OK, Net Buddies, it looks like lockdown is going to start easing from the end of April.  And that’s awesome news.  President Ramaphosa and his advisors have done a great job of protecting South Africans against Covid 19 and ‘flattening the curve’ but we’re a long, long way from things getting back to normal.  In fact, he’s made it clear there won’t be a return to life as we knew it anytime soon and we need to prepare for a ‘new normal’.

Eish.  What do we do with THAT?  When all you want to do is go back to the way things were before, and get on with your life, it’s hard to hear that we’re not going to be able to slip back into our old routines.  And, worse, that the disruption is set to continue.

If you’re feeling like you’ve lost control, you’re not alone.  We’re all in uncharted territory here but don’t panic.  Just because none of us have been in this situation before doesn’t mean we can’t deal with it.  We CAN.  And we WILL.  (Check out our leaders.  They didn’t expect to be dealing with a pandemic either but they’re being applauded all over the world for the thoughtful, proactive steps they’re taking to lead the way!)

What’s their secret?  First, they’re doing everything they can to understand the situation.  Second, they’re using what they’ve learned to adjust their expectations … and plan a workable way forward.

Adjusting expectations is a life skill we all need.  It’s about recognising that things often don’t work out the way we want them to.  (Think about the test mark that wasn’t as good as you’d expected … or the girl/guy you’d like to date who isn’t into you.)

Then, once you’ve processed your disappointment at being knocked down, it’s about standing up again, dusting yourself off and finding another way to get where you want to go.  Maybe even a better way.

That might mean looking at doing something differently to achieve the same goal (like getting some study tips from your teacher for your next test … or offering to share your KFC with your love interest)!  Or, you might decide to move on and pursue something different all together.

Either way, it’s about reviewing the situation you’re in, then using the information you’ve gathered to find another way to solve the problem.  And (here’s the kicker), it’s about NEVER giving up.  About never seeing an obstacle in your path as the end of the road.

But, hey, let’s keep things real.  Even though lockdown restrictions are gradually going to be being lifted, they’re still going to suck, so adjusting your expectations for now makes sense.  It might mean you have to change the route you’d planned to take to your destination but, if you stay focused, you’ll find a way to get around the obstacle and still get where you want to go.

Sending courage and strength to you all,

Anonymous, a South African Video Mentor

What’s changed for you during lockdown?  Will you need to adjust your expectations?  Problems are always easier to solve when you put two heads together so maybe write a list of things to discuss with your Mentor and, as soon as your VCs resume, you can find a new way forward together.

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