Don’t Let Conspiracies Make You Powerless!

Dear Net Buddies,

Have you heard that the coronavirus was intentionally created by one group of people to hurt another group? This is called a conspiracy theory and you can find them about all over the Internet about every topic you can imagine. What these theories do is help explain why the group that feels hurt, can’t succeed – it takes away their feelings of helpless and hopeless by giving them someone to blame. If we choose to accept these theories, we are choosing to let them take away other choices – like the choice to take control and work to make our lives better, no matter the obstacles. As Caryn Sullivan puts it, “In the face of adversity, we have a choice. We can be bitter or we can be better.”

Yes, there is actually a benefit to overcoming bad situations – they make us stronger. In fact, it is only in surviving stressful and uncertain circumstances that we grow and find new strengths. Think about that – do you push yourself when everything feels good around you or do you just “float through things?” Most of us “float” and enjoy the good times. But in difficult times (if we don’t give up), we are made to push through.  Yet, it is exactly this working through adversity that makes us stronger in skills and confidence.

So, even when times are tough, you always have a choice:

1) Take the easy path, believe the conspiracy theorists, and become helpless, hopeless and bitter, giving up the chance to grow; or

2) Recognize that life is made up of good and bad times and use the tough ones to make yourself stronger and better.

Which path do you choose?

Do you know any other words that mean the same as adversity? (Yes, there are many more direct ways to say what this means, including several in the writing above.)

How do you feel about the Covid days – have they made you feel bitter or better?

What about those around you, do you see them getting bitter or better?

Can you think of anything you can say or do to help someone who is angry and bitter?

Get those thoughts down before you lose them and get them to the Infinite Family team!

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