Fact or Fake – Which is Easier to Believe?

One of the components of video mentoring that our Net Buddies appreciate most is a surprise to any of us who haven’t lived where population is so high the walls really do “have ears”. In the townships, where the number of people who live there is often 5-10 times what was envisioned, privacy is at a premium. But to have a friend who lives somewhere else that you can share your cares and concerns with who won’t spread them around – that friend is treasured! Bad enough to have your business spread around, worse yet when the spreading inevitably becomes a game of telephone when facts become more and more fake with every telling.

And of course, there are ample examples of leaders choosing to broadcast falsehoods rather than truth. This is another time when having a Video Mentor is valuable – to help a confused teen learn where to check their facts before spreading lies. With every new adult influenced by a Video Mentor, we have another chance to inspire a better future.


Dear Net Buddies,

Where do you go to confirm things you hear that seem too crazy to be true?

Do you have any suggestions for someone who needs to challenge and correct falsehoods as they are being spread?

What are some good ways to share reliable facts and have others truly believe them?

Today we really need your reactions and ideas. Please be sure to share them online or on paper – it’s your suggestions that matter the most!

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