Getting Back to Work, with Resilience to Share

We are excited to share that – after months of very limited access to technology or learning support – our LaunchPads are finally reopening and our dedicated donors have made it possible for our Net Buddies to get back to the important work of building better futures! Your encouragement and gifts kept our Net Buddies strong, smart and healthy by making sure they were nourished in body, mind and spirit.

Our first group of new Net Buddies has a jump start because so many are younger siblings of our Net Blazers. They were encouraged to become Net Buddies by their parents or guardians because they saw what a positive impact these relationships had on the older siblings. Siblings are a bonus for our staff also because they love building stronger ties with the local parents, guardians and community. With direct lines of communication to our Net Buddies household members, we have better “intel” to coach our Video Mentors how to have the greatest impact with their Net Buddies.

It was a wonderful surprise to have Net Blazer Patricia Potsane stop by the Alexandra LaunchPad and share her experiences with the new Net Buddies. Nothing is more convincing than someone who has recently persevered through and beyond what they are facing each day! Thank you Patricia!

Even though they have suffered the loss of critical school class time this year, our Net Buddies have learned valuable skills they will use forever. Through your example and generosity, you have shown our teens that dark days are no reason to give up on their dreams and that, even in the worst of times, resilience, resourcefulness and responsibility make us stronger, as individuals and as a community.

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