Helping Our Net Buddies Through the Covid-19 Crisis



A message from Infinite Family Founder, President, and CEO, Amy Stokes

Since March 23, our Net Buddy mentees have been living under a country-wide Lockdown in South Africa.  Although they are not able to come to our LaunchPad computer labs, the generosity of our donors keeps our  Net Buddy mentees in contact twice a day, 7 days a week, so we can answer their questions, reduce their fears, and keep them focused on building skills that advance their education when school starts again.  Via a new Internet portal and Whatsapp, our entire community continues to provide daily Information, Inspiration and Activities that keep our Net Buddies strong, focused, and building resilience during these challenging times. Now, more than ever, our Net Buddies know they are part of a worldwide Infinite Family. We thank you for sharing your ideas, motivational messages and financial support to keep our Net Buddies safe and well!

“This information is helpful  because I got to be informed about COVID-19… It was also helpful because I shared the information I received with others around me.”   –Anathi, Net Buddy Mentee

Yes we are listening, keep encougaging to stay indoors, to be safe from this pandemic. –Zuzu, Net Buddy Mentee

Hi, And I really appreciate what you are doing for us as students. Thank you. –Thabang, Net Buddy Mentee

Thank you so much the info that I got from here has help me a lot on how to take care of myself and to protect my family.  –Hope, Net Buddy Mentee

Thank you so much for the tips. I’m busy with them ….like workouts and reading books.  –Nthatuoa, Net Buddy Mentee


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