I Have so Much Respect for each Net Buddy!

“Hi! My name is Charlene. I live in Alaska. This is my dog Beth. She is a Border Collie. I adopted her when her family could not keep her anymore. She is a wonderful friend! She loves to run around and around in circles and to tell the squirrels that they cannot come into our house. I hope she brings a smile to each of you!

Alaska is beautiful! I have many good friends and we care about each other a lot. I face struggles like each one of you do. I live in a small house, carry water, and the winters are long and cold. However, I always tell my friends spring is coming. This won’t be forever!

I am excited to be a part of Infinite Family! I have so much respect for each Net Buddy. Each one of you is overcoming many challenges as you help your family and get a good education. Stay Strong. Stay Healthy!

I hold you in my heart,


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