I Say “Hello” – You Say “Goodbye”

Dear Net Buddies and Blazers,

Even before coronavirus it made sense to try to understand others’ cultures and traditions to smooth the path in building a relationship, which is extra important when entering the work world.

Now, with coronavirus, we may have to even flex our extra sensitive understanding  muscles to people we already know since we may all have different levels of comfort with social situations. Right now, when people are on edge, they are even quicker than normal to lash out verbally or physically about new things like standing too close and mask wearing. This is a good time to role model responsibility and a different way to act in response.

Do people who aren’t wearing masks bother you? How do you react around them?

Do you wonder to yourself how often people are washing their hands before accepting something someone hands you?

When people are frustrated or angry around you, do you ask yourself if they are afraid of something before you reply to their mean comments?

You know what to do – write down your thoughts and share them with us.

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