Idris Elba Tests Positive for Coronavirus / Covid 19

Click Idris’ photo to watch his video.

One Comment on “Idris Elba Tests Positive for Coronavirus / Covid 19

Amy Stokes
March 20, 2020 at 11:36 am

My people have asked why Idris’ wife, Sabrina, is with him in his video advising people to practice social distancing. He responded quickly, showing the thought process they went through and why are quarantining together.

““Just for clarification, Sabrina wanted to be by my side,” he said. “As much as we talked about her not coming to where I am, she did. She wanted to. I love her even more for it and I would do the same thing for her. Love is all you get, and who am I to turn down my wife’s support? As much as I want her to be safe, we calculated that risk and decided to be together.”


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