Infinite Family Recognized in New York Times Article, “How Can We Help One Another?”

A recent article in The New York Times explores the difficulties in trying to serve those in need during a global pandemic. Author Nancy Wartik explains, “We are being told to keep  our hands to ourselves. Yet for some people, the idea of doing nothing is not acceptable.”

So, Wartik decided to look to Facebook and Nextdoor to see how people are using technology to lend a helping hand. That’s when Paula Derrow,  one  of our Video Mentors, chimed in:

“I mentor  two girls in South Africa, virtually, with weekly video meet-ups. They  have  many  more challenges than I do… It’s a meaningful, constant thing in my life that really keeps me grounded.”

Nancy went on to encourage creative giving during this complicated time, “Your one generous idea might inspire unknown  numbers of others to do the same.” [Read the full article here.]

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