Just 1 Letter Can Spell Disaster

Dear Net Buddies,

In the US, there is a strong bug repellant called “OFF.” Believe us, we have much worse mosquitos than in South Africa and we use a LOT of OFF.

If you look closely, McCallister brought “ON” for his boss instead of “OFF,” so the bugs are swarming around and biting them. Clearly, he did not follow rule #1 for wanting to keep his job: PAY ATTENTION.

Do you think rule #1 is only related to keeping a job?

Where else might this rule be useful in life?

Who do you pay attention to in your life today?

How do you stay focused when your mind wants to wander?

We can’t wait to hear how you avoid becoming a “McCallister”  – so send your thoughts and ideas our way and get ready now for a response from a real multi-book published author.

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