#PassTheMic – Series #2

If SA’s teens are looking for good role models during lockdown, they don’t need to look far.  Infinite Family’s Net Buddies are setting a GREAT example. We asked you to share what you’re doing to keep upbeat and – Yoh – you’re killing it!   Of course, there have been bad days when you haven’t felt like doing much – and that is understandable – but your messages tell us that, despite the weirdness, you’re still super focused on your goals!

Studies are the top of the list for Letlhogonolo, as they are for most Net Buddies and applying to universities has been a really great way for her to remember that there’s life after lockdown.  Other priorities that are helping her to maintain a steady balance are ‘communicating with friends’ and ‘listening to soul messages’ – two equally important ways to stay upbeat and connected.

For Wanga (who is a professional BMX rider), it’s been tough not to be able to get to the track to hone his skills but he says positivity is a big deal and collecting inspiring quotes has been really helpful.   “Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much.” is one that’s hit home and he says lockdown has taught him so many lessons: “Life is too short … jobs are temporary … health is wealth … always save money … and, above all, we need God to survive.”

Awakhiwe has taken the opportunity to start a business side-hustle, Kwanele, aka Surprise, has chilled out by watching movies, while Bernard and Malepedi say they’ve had no time to rest.  They’ve been bombarded by assignments and tests and are fully focused on keeping their minds sharp so they’re prepared when schools reopen again.

It’s so cool to hear how others are coping.  Is there anything there you relate to?  Drop Amy or Zoleka a line and share your Lockdown Tips.   We’d love to hear them.

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