SA Cultural Icons Don’t Stop for Covid

Icons making a cultural contribution to society have been honoured for their work.

In celebration of Heritage Month, GCIS hosted Africa’s Webinar on COVID-19 on Monday honouring our living human treasures’ and their commitment to help shape society.

These are people who’ve preserved indigenous knowledge that they’ve inherited from elders in their communities.

Ouma Katriena Esau from Upington who teaches the San language, N!UU, to youth in her community, globally acclaimed Ndebele artist Dr. Esther Mahlangu and indigenous music expert Gogo Madosini Mphahleni, who lives in Langa, have been honoured for their work.

Department of Sport, Arts and Culture Director-General, Vusumisi Mkhize, said that these individuals preserve and promote communities’ cultural traditions and artistic expression.

“The indigenous knowledge holders are the reservoir of African indigenous knowledge that has sustained our society since time immemorial.”

One of the panelists, award-winning jazz musician, Jimmy Dludlu, explained that it was through music and culture that the continent could be united. “We need to bring them through music, through culture, through a festival which combines South Africa, west Africa, central Africa, east Africa, because we have organisations which represent Africa but we do not have an organisation which represents African culture.”

SA Cultural Icons Honoured for Contributions to Society, Kevin Brandt, Eyewitness News, Sept. 29, 2020

Dear Net Buddies,

Honoring lives built on years of experience and devoted to heritage – even in the midst of a pandemic – reminds us that most lives do not stop for any single tragedy. Most of the world continues living and building for the future and the betterment of their communities.

This reminds us of what Video Mentor Dennis Perry said at the start of the lockdown, “You will someday tell your own children and grandchildren your memories of this historic time and you will want to look back with pride at how you not only endured but also how you behaved towards others.”

What will you proudly share with your children and grandchildren?

That’s it – just one question today. But we expect you have several things to share so we are still waiting for 3-4 sentences. Let’s start that feeling proud now!

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