Take a New Adventure – Sweep the Floor

Dear Net Buddies & Blazers,

Our image for today is to be submerged in the sea, feeling the water all around you. Our theme is Immersion – to be fully surrounded and infused with what you are doing at any single moment or in any individual activity.

So often we rush through all of our daily tasks and activities, finishing one only to bolt to the next, usually without really experiencing the contentment or benefit of any of them.

Today, take one everyday action and experience like never before, like getting to do something for the first time after living in a dark cave for months and months.

Feel the motion in all parts of your body when you sweep the floor, feel the breeze that you create, watch the particles move and dust swirl.

Notice how many parts of your hands, arms, legs and back it really takes to wash the dishes. How long does the water stay warm? What do the soap bubbles feel like?

Can you create a more efficient way to wipe the table or window clean?

Simply take a moment and align yourself, mentally, physically and emotionally with this one task – then feel the joy and accomplishment, of something you considered too small to notice before, when you are done.

Tell us, what familiar but new adventure did you take today?

What did you notice that was different than before?

One Comment on “Take a New Adventure – Sweep the Floor

Nthatuoa Matli
May 13, 2020 at 1:03 pm

Wow ❤:😀 I’m glad you are trying by all means to keep us busy and clear our minds, that’ sounds interesting indeed 😊


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