The Texas Tornado has a Message for All of Us

“We have seen too much defeatism, too much pessimism, too much of a negative approach. The answer is simple: if you want something very badly, you can achieve it. It make take patience, very hard work, a real struggle, and a long time; but it can be done…faith is a prerequisite of any undertaking.” —Margo Jones, “The Texas Tornado”

Dear Net Buddies, this quote is sent to you from one of your silent supporters, Kathy Casey. She is not a Video Mentor but, like many hundreds of people worldwide, has paid attention to your work and successes for many years. She is fiercely independent, as seen in her annual is 5,000 km car trips to Texas, with only Bubba as co-pilot.

A love of Texas and fierce independence must be two of the reasons why Kathy relates so well to “The Texas Tornado,” Margo Jones. Ms. Jones lived from 1911-1955 and was one of the first US women stage directors and producers to be commercially successful on Broadway.  She traveled the world and started her own theatre in Dallas. Clearly she didn’t let the defeatists, pessimists or negative thinkers influence her – and neither should you!

Living in Lockdown until at least May 15 in the US, Kathy and Bubba are waiting to hear what you have all learned from this experience. What shall we tell her?

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