We Welcome a New Member of the Family: Seacom!

Just as the New Year dawned, before many others could even get back in the office, Seacom called Infinite Family to discuss partnership opportunities. Without hesitation, Seacom initiated the installation approval process for an Internet fiber connection deep into Alexandra – direct to Infinite Family’s LaunchPad – Not even Covid-19 slowed them down.

Seacom’s link went live yesterday – just in time for our Net Buddies first VCs (video conversations) with their Video Mentors in six months! Stay tuned for bright smiles next week. This link also allows our LaunchPad to do double duty as an Internet kiosk for socially distanced learning outside in the fresh air. Mpho Modisakeng, Infinite Family’s fearless tech wiz was ready with the new access point right away because our donors are with us every step of the way.

Thank You Seacom Team, your speedy actions allow Infinite Family to meet the pandemic’s new challenges proactively with expanded skills development activities for our safely social distanced Net Buddies.

Dear Net Buddies,

What did Seacom do as Infinite Family’s newest corporate sponsor?

What new activities does their support allow Infinite Family to do?

Who else has provided critical support along the way?

What would you like to say to Seacom and everyone else who is helping get our LaunchPads back in action?

You know what to do – share our excitement and send your thoughts so we can share them with Seacom.

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