When is a Good Time to Lose Focus?

Dear Net Buddies,

Sometimes when things lose their novelty and just roll along, we let down our guard, just like this soldier. On one hand, it’s sweet that he takes the time to notice the goldfish. On the other hand, doing so right at that very moment could have terrible consequences both for him and his fellow soldiers.

This new normal of constant uncertainty is both a drag and exactly the kind of lack of novelty that lets our senses – and our ambition – go dull. It may not seem like it because you’ve been doing the same things now for several months…but, losing our focus now can really have serious, even deadly consequences.

In the US, there are groups of teens and young adults getting together to party and making lots of bad choices.  This started several weeks ago, when things started to seem like parts of the US had Covid-19 under control. Now, there are growing outbreaks in exactly the areas where the young people let down their guard. As the number of cases rise, so will deaths. In fact, they also just announced the death of a very prominent supporter of President Trump who went to his rally on June 20.

Sadly, this isn’t over yet so please stay strong and focused on your futures.

Make good decisions every day to protect yourselves, your families and communities. And, please use this time to build skills that will help you when things get back to normal – because they will. You can either be on the “coming out ahead” team or the “trampled looking at goldfish” team. Your actions broadcast your choices.

What kinds of activities are creeping into your lives that you think are not really safe enough to be part of yet?

How do you wish others would act to make things easier for you?

How can you be a good role model in this new normal?

You know what to do – tell us what you are thinking and save your thoughts in a safe place.

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