Our Net Buddies Did It Again!



South Africa’s annual matric results are in. “Aaaaaaannd?” you ask, “BTW, what’s a matric?” In short, it’s a terrifying few weeks of exams at the end of 12th grade that determines whether a student may continue their studies in college and learn the knowledge and skills that lead to a good job — or they are destined to toil in back-breaking labor for the rest of their lives with low pay and even less control. 2020 included the added stress of missing more than a full term of classroom teaching due to the pandemic. Waiting for results in a normal year, it’s not just our Net Buddies who are holding their breath and crossing their fingers. Hundreds of their Video Mentors and our Infinite Family around the world are doing the same for moral support. Read more:

Well results came out this week and our Net Buddies’ hard work paid off with stunning success:  100% of our 12thgrade Net Buddies achieved marks that will allow them to advance to college/university and opportunities their parents were excluded from. We could not be more proud of our Net Buddies’ achievement!

We also could not be more thankful to our global Video Mentors who inspired and motivated their Net Buddies in just 30 minutes each week. Your consistent presence in their lives strengthened your Net Buddies to remain resilient and resourceful throughout 2020’s difficulties, as well as, rise up and take responsibility for their performance despite the hurdles.

We knew they could do it, now they know it too!

One Comment on “Our Net Buddies Did It Again!

Douglas Huffaker
February 28, 2021 at 11:10 am

Absolutely fantastic!!


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