Back to School Woes

Parents everywhere are excited when students go back to school. But this also comes with feelings of dread for our Net Buddies’ parents because it comes with the annual uniform challenge. Virtually all students in South Africa wear uniforms to school in an effort to reduce visible income and wealth comparisons. However, a full “kit” – blazer, shoes, 2 pants or skirts, 2 shirts, 1 sweater, 1 tie, 2 pairs of socks — is expensive! This year it will run parents of high school freshman an estimated R3,000/$200 this year. (1BTC would buy full kits for 215 teens!)

Growing up in households with incomes between $100-500 per month, our teens rarely start the year with new uniforms. (If they do, you can be sure it will be several sizes too big for future growth spurts!) But we swear to you that we NEVER hear any complaints. Infinite Family teens are focused on their futures and the jobs they will get to instead help their parents and guardians with expenses. That’s just the way they roll and it inspires us each year.

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